B.D.Rae Waste Management strives to be the recycler of choice for protein and other food resource generators in industry, retail, and food service establishments in Atlantic Canada. Commitment to the environment is a fundamental pillar for our business. B.D. Rae Waste Management designs its business practices around protecting the environment, and minimizing the impact of our activities on our neighbours and natural environment. We do this by complying with and striving to exceed regulated expectations of operating a business in Atlantic Canada.


By training management, employees, and offering training to customers on fryer oil management, we seek to reduce the impact of removal and reuse of the products we collect.


By finding hidden value in waste resources and developing this potential to the benefit of ourselves, our customers, and the environment, and by sharing what we have learned with the industries we serve, we continuously seek to reuse, reduce, and recycle.

By promoting innovation in waste collection, containers, procedures, and marketing within our local markets we continuously review and refine our practices to have as low an impact as possible on the environment.


By sourcing inputs to our business that are made from recycled materials, promoting the reuse of containers, minimizing our outputs of waste materials, and encouraging management and employees to keep these principles foremost in their actions we have continuously improved our role as an environmental steward in our operating territory.


By requiring that any downstream markets are compliant with waste regulations for the transport and processing of our products. We continually work to further influence others to follow sound and sustainable environmental practices.


By sponsoring an environmental award for generators of the wastes we collect, we strive to raise awareness of environmental concerns that impact our industry and other associated industries.


By including environmental issues as a fixed agenda item for discussion by senior management, our commitment to sustainability is continually renewed.


By having a no idling policy and by promoting filtration to extend oil life we are striving to be the lowest carbon footprint collector in our industry.


B.D.Rae Waste Management has been recognized with a Sustainability Award from Halifax Regional Municipality, the largest municipality in Atlantic Canada. Recognizing that we are compliant with their waste management strategies, we have been supported since inception in 1996 by the governments of all four Atlantic Provinces.