B.D.RAE WASTE MANAGEMENT, a locally owned and operated company, specializes in food waste resource recovery. Our high standard of customer service is maintained through specially trained staff and a fleet of trucks centrally positioned in each of the Atlantic Provinces. B.D.RAE’s programs are compatible with provincial solid waste and resource management strategies and regulations throughout the Atlantic Region.
Our innovative programs can increase waste handling efficiencies and provide significant economic and environmental benefits. B.D.RAE works within Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island to achieve full diversion of all food waste resources from landfill and other waste disposal streams which are not environmentally responsible. We believe reuse is the highest form of recycling whereby products are given a second life and nutrient content is not wasted.


Developing strong relationships with our customers, through a service of excellence, is a priority of B.D.RAE WASTE MANAGEMENT.